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Rua Do Mucugê
Porto Seguro

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By Night Arraial D´Ajuda

By nigth in Arraial d 'Ajuda is an invitation not to repeat the night program in Porto Seguro, recommended for couples who want to make a very different night, you will not miss dinner options, listen to good music, have a drink of your choice. Gastronomy is the strong point of Mucugê street, restaurants of the most varied specialties offer the most diverse flavors. If you want to shop for some beachwear, dozens of shops, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, expose everything you need on a daily basis. For those who enjoy a good ballad, Rua do Mucugê is an obligatory point of visit during the night. Rock bands, jazz, blues and MPB perform in themed bars. Consider one of the most charming night in Brazil, also count on several convenience services, such as pharmacies, car rental companies, exchange offices, ATMs, etc. The good thing is to go with who you know to be able to indicate the best places, restaurants and bars. And make no mistake the night is very different from the day. The tour consists of picking you up where you are staying, crossing the ferry, and leaving you very close to Mucugê street, because at night the access of vehicles is restricted. The other option is to go on your own also have no difficulty, you will only be in doubt where to stay and walk a little more to see the options. Usually the tour is marked to leave the house where you will be staying in Porto Seguro around 7pm and return at 11pm.