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Mucugê beach

The beach of Mucugê in Arraial d'Ajuda is one of the most popular beach in the district, being very close to the center of the village is visited by several tourists wishing to go hiking, separated by a slope between the beach and the center is an invitation to breathe fresh air and go for a walk and for those who do not want to do this walk, you can go by taxi or van. The beach has a large number of stalls with great cuisine and infrastructure. During the low tide the invitation is for the sportsmen, because it forms the ideal scenario for the practice of nautical sports, of course, for stand-up and diving with snorkel. The beach is exactly as the photo shows. In summer, several tents on the beach hold parties with the best in electronic music. Spending here New Year's Eve or Carnival is a very successful request. If you are staying in Porto Seguro to get to the place is very easy, there are 3 options: 1st Option: do not worry about anything, just book with us we take you to the place where you are staying and we leave in the same place, for only R$65 per person. 2nd Option: it is to use your own car, to cross the ferry and to disembark at the end it only extinguishes fire, then it is only to follow 5km and finished, it will already be in the beach of Mucugê. The estimated cost for this adventure with 4 people in the going is R$40. From Arraial to Porto the value is lower because it only pays the car R$20. The 3rd Option: Pick up a Uber, taxi or bus to the ferry, cross and embark on a stocking van, she will leave you at Mucugê beach, and then just check the return time. An important tip is that if it is in the season you will not face the queue and you will have a good time waiting. Average cost per person in the van R$6 plus the ferry that costs R$ 4.5.