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Quadrado de Trancoso
Porto Seguro

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It is a village south of Porto Seguro, known worldwide for its beauties beaches. Charm and elegance is what defines Trancoso, place for those who look for excellent days of lodging united to the beautiful nature and refinement. But if you just want to visit Trancoso and spend a day at the beach you will not regret it, on the most popular beaches of Nativos or Coconut trees you can enjoy the excellent structures of tents with great Bahian cuisine. In the late afternoon you must know the heart of Trancoso, the famous Square, surrounded by colorful houses that were built by the Jesuits in the past centuries and which today are inns, restaurants and shops, in the center is the Church of Saint John the Baptist, which was the first name given to the village by the Jesuits, behind the church has a wonderful scenery for photos, you also find some handicrafts made by hippies. You can also spend a late afternoon in Trancoso, enjoy and dine in the square and if there is a full moon, then the scenery is complete. How to get? It is 28 km going by ferry, through Arraial d'Ajuda and 78 km from Porto going by BR 367, entering the clover in BA 001. If you prefer you can go by car, but you can not drink alcohol. Or you can meet Trancoso with us from day to night.