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Whale watching

The tour begins with a lecture on whales and on-board procedures. Each day is different from the other, but on average it takes an hour and a half to sail until you find the whales.The observation is made following the standards of sighting to ensure the safety of all and the welfare of the animals.After the observation, depending on the conditions of the sea, we have the possibility of trying to listen to the singing of the whales with the aid of a hydrophone. In return, the biology professional explains the observed behaviors.Between July and October the departures take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (sporadically on Sundays), the passenger can embark both in Arraial d'Ajuda and Porto Seguro.The tour is exciting, having the opportunity to observe the whales in their natural environment, developing behaviors related to their reproduction, is a fantastic experience!