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Jaqueira Indigenous Reserve

Here you will be able to know and experience the legitimate indigenous culture that is very well represented in the Jaqueta Pataxó Indigenous Reserve, located only 10 kilometers from the city center, the reserve preserves the history and customs of the Pataxós Indians and provides tourists with a unique experience .

Our visitors have the opportunity to know a little about the life of an indigenous community. On arrival they are welcomed by Indians with their body painted as tradition dictates and adorned by traditional and colorful headdresses and other props. At the beginning of the walk a small trail of 1.5km is observed for the observation of rare species of native trees, such as brazilwood, traps used by the Indians to catch small animals inside the reserve and then carried out an interactive talk where they tell a bit about the history of the Pataxó people.

The amount collected in the sale of tickets and handicrafts produced by the Indians themselves, forms the income of the 30 families that live there, thus offering a beautiful example of sustainable tourism. Constant contact with nature draws attention throughout the visit.

At the end of the tour, the visitor has the opportunity to try the indigenous cuisine, the fish roasted on the leaf of the patioba.

On the way back to your lodging place you can finish the tour in one of the many beach huts in Taperapuan for lunch.